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Why cxihub?

Cxihub is a company that takes pride in its open-source philosophy, believing the world can be an even better place for everyone. It should not matter if you're from Silicon Valley or any developing country - all people deserve access to financial empowerment!

Cxihub was founded by three tech-savvy entrepreneurs passionate about levelling up humanity with technology and making this happen as soon as possible so we might live out our ultimate mission: creating an unbiased financial system for 7 billion people on Earth using open source technologies. An open financial system will create a transparent, fairer, equal & positive world powered by math & unbiased code.


Highest Security

Our host of spot trading & wallet service has the best security practices in place with measures like Air-gapped wallet servers for offline cold storage of Assets.


Deepest Liquidity

Enjoy deep liquidity from leading platforms & renowned financial institutions of the world on cxihub.


0% Trading Fee

Market makers & High volume users enjoy 0% trading fee in spot markets.


Verified P2P Marketplace

Trade with confidence in the cxihub P2P marketplace with verified & high-ranked traders.


Negligible Wallet Fees

Using digital assets in real life like money became super easy & super affordable with cxihub.


Self Custody

Not your keys, not your coins. Take back control of your wealth & access liquid markets in a click of a button.

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