The Crypto Arbitrage: A Strategy to Make Money off an Asset Trading at Different Prices.

Published 16 Aug 2021 by Radhika Aggarwal

Table of Content

  1. What is Crypto Arbitrage?
  2. Why does crypto arbitrage occur?
  3. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Arbitrage?
  4. What are the types of Crypto Arbitrage exchanges?
  5. Crypto arbitrage opportunities
  6. Conclusion

In this blog post, we will discuss Crypto Arbitrage. Crypto arbitrage is a strategy to take advantage of asset trading at different prices at different exchanges. To put it simply, if we buy a crypto asset for a lower price on one exchange and sell it for a higher price on another exchange, we have used the crypto arbitrage method. If you are interested in learning more about using crypto arbitrage and our app to help make your life easier when trading cryptocurrency assets, please continue reading!

What is Crypto Arbitrage?

Crypto arbitrage is a strategy to take advantage of asset trading at different prices on different exchanges. To put it simply, if you buy something for cheaper in one place and sell it somewhere else that’s more expensive than where you bought the product from, then congratulations! You’ve just done some crypto-arbitrage business (and hopefully make money!). This article focuses on finding cryptocurrency mispricing across several exchanges so we can make use of this opportunity by doing what they call “crypto_arbitrage.” We’ll cover how to calculate the opportunity for trade and make profits from them while also teaching others how these opportunities come up.

Why does crypto arbitrage occur?

According to most financial textbooks, it is believed that markets are efficient, and thus an arbitrage opportunity can’t occur. Unfortunately for the theory but fortunately for crypto traders, this reality has proven far from what these books say about accurate prices due to a lack of high-frequency trading which prevents big players in the market from making unexpected moves. So many reasons behind the occurrence of a cryptocurrency’s price changing across exchanges exist, including:

Liquidity variance across several exchanges

The order book is an automated list of current sell and buys positions for a specified asset. This translates into traders having access to various liquidity on the exchanges, making it easier to find trades they’re looking for.

The purpose of the order book in trading is that it’s an automated inventory system that lists all current sells or buys at any one time across multiple different platforms with varying levels of liquidity available - this allows new traders easy access to trade options without giving up too much information about their preferences from other participants.

For example, if we are looking to buy Bitcoin for the first time and want a good deal on it, is there an easy way? If you’re browsing through cryptocurrency exchanges like GDAX or Gemini to find your best bet at getting bitcoin for less than what it’s worth, then one thing will become obvious: Order books. This may sound not very easy, but really all it means is that when trying to sell something (in this case, Bitcoin), these two major factors come into play - how many people want them and at which price they’ll take them off our hands.

Different Types of Exchanges

In crypto markets, there are two types of traders: retail and institutional. Retailers usually don’t have large orders, so they can cause gaps in the prices that might be an opportunity for arbitrage trade where you buy low on one exchange then sell high on another, which is perfect if you’re a pro-trader who knows how to read charts well because it’s all about timing your trades correctly even though these opportunities may not last long since cryptocurrency exchanges operate 24/7.

One of the most common arbitrage opportunities is to buy an asset on one exchange and sell it for more profit through another. In addition, one can use algorithmic trading because its instantaneous nature means that profits are often fast and automatic.

Withdrawal and deposit times vary across exchanges.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage is a growing opportunity that exchanges can take advantage of. The opportunities for cryptocurrency arbitrage grow as different exchanges have different withdrawal and deposit times, meaning the market differences between several exchanges would flatten out if we could move our fiat assets instantaneously with crypto holdings. This means that an exchange like Kraken catches up to the updated market sentiment levels sooner than others because they are faster at transferring both currencies; furthermore, it costs more to transfer one currency over another, so there’s even more room for profit-making; from this kind of trading activity!

The supply and demand vary across countries.

When demand for a cryptocurrency is high in one country and low or nonexistent elsewhere, it becomes possible to make significant money through crypto arbitrage, by buying the coin where supply exceeds demand while simultaneously selling it at another with lower supply but higher demand (or vice versa), traders can exploit these price discrepancies and generate an additional revenue stream on top of their already successful trading strategy.

As countries have different sentiment levels towards cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, opportunities arise for those who know how to take advantage of them–especially when people’s emotions about certain coins become too lukewarm; then they’re ripe; for picking up!

Foreign Currency Rates

For example, if we’re trading Lithium, the varying currency exchange rates can create arbitrage opportunities. Imagine a scenario where the dollar becomes more valuable against the Japanese yen while this asset remains unchanged on both exchanges. This creates an opportunity for traders to buy and sell at different prices in each market because of changing values between currencies around them!

Some other Reasons

  • Tight capital controls outside of the US and EU
  • Lack of traders (i.e., market makers)
  • Regulations across exchanges
  • Spreads
  • Costs

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Arbitrage?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Arbitrage


Low Risk

Low risk is one of the many benefits of trading stocks. While we’re buying and selling an asset simultaneously, there is no risk involved as in long-term investments where you may not be able to sell your assets at all or when they are down significantly from their original price.

Flourishes in volatile markets

It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive. That is why the best way to trade difficult financial times is through arbitrage trading because you can bet on an increase or decrease of price without any risk whatsoever!

Not reliant on bull or bear markets

You can make money regardless of market direction. That said, there will be more arbitrage opportunities during massive bull markets. This is because traders are less focused on riding the bull run than timing their moves to make riskless profits from stocks that have been overbought by bullish investors in a major rally and should therefore be due for some downside volatility soon enough as they cool off relative to other lagging sectors like utilities or pharmaceuticals which remain undervalued since all this recent hype has largely ignored them so far.


Transaction Fees

Finding the right place to trade can be a challenge. Exchanges usually charge high transaction fees, which take away from traders’ profits if they are not careful with their trades and transactions. So, for example, someone looking for an arbitrage opportunity might find themselves unable to capitalize on it because of these exorbitant charges that drain out any hope of profit and turn even small opportunities into dead ends–which most professional arbitragers don’t tolerate very well!

Exchanges and cryptocurrencies are unpredictable.

From the regular computer freeze to long wait times, cryptocurrency is undoubtedly a more efficient and cost-effective way of making transactions.

Cryptocurrency has many clear advantages over using cash, such as not having to worry about losing your money or getting robbed! In addition, when you send someone Bitcoin with no central authority controlling it as governments do for fiat currencies, there are fewer fees associated with sending them due to its decentralized nature. That’s why people have been trying hard worldwide to make digital currency mainstream because they know that this could potentially be one of those revolutionary changes we’ve always wanted!


To profit with crypto arbitrage, we need the latest technology that allows us to trade quickly enough. This will give us an edge over other traders who are not as tech-savvy and have less knowledge of how this works.

Minimum Mispricing

Mispricing that is too high costs the trader dearly. Transaction fees, exchange rates, and other expenses make it difficult for a Crypto Trader to profit from an inflated asset price. The only way this can be done would be by exploiting market inefficiencies like arbitrage opportunities or identifying certain assets as being overvalued relative to others on exchanges which we will explore later.

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What are the types of Crypto Arbitrage exchanges?

There are some different ways investors can conduct crypto arbitrage. These are a couple of the types.

Spatial Crypto Arbitrage

Spatial arbitrage is the simplest and most common method of crypto trading. It’s accomplished by looking at one instrument on two different exchanges, comparing their prices for that exchange to each other, and then using whichever has the higher price to buy from while selling onto whichever lists it lower to make money off of any discrepancy between them.

Some traders have found that going long on one exchange and short on another can avoid the risk of transfer costs in a space-time arbitrage. However, trading fees may still apply to your trades.

Triangular Arbitrage

Triangular crypto arbitrage is a more complex technique that involves three trades instead of two, all carried out on the same exchange. This method looks at three different cryptos and then makes transactions through each one until you return to your original asset.

The investor would then trade that second cryptocurrency for a third, which is relatively overvalued compared with the first. If they are lucky enough to get through this transaction without being hacked or scammed, they can take their winnings and start all over again by trading out of that market as well!

Flash Loan Arbitrage

Crypto flash loan arbitrage is an advanced form of crypto arbitrage, which takes advantage of the technology behind altcoins and lending approaches. It allows traders to borrow large amounts of digital coins without collateral in a short time frame (less than one minute). This presents a unique opportunity for lenders to take advantage of differences in interest rates with borrowers on the other side - all while earning more money!

Other Arbitrage Methods

Crypto derivatives arbitrage is a strategy used by traders who are outside the altcoin world. These trades take advantage of inefficiencies and price differences between digital currencies, securities, or even stocks that may be part of an upcoming merger. For example, a common method among hedge funds is to buy up cheap stocks when markets don’t know what they will do next for a new company before it becomes clear that there’s going to be some public announcement about their intentions with this firm on behalf at any time soon - oftentimes leading them into quick gains afterward if done correctly!

Crypto arbitrage opportunities

Many crypto arbitrage opportunities exist if one is alert and quick. People can leverage price differences between exchanges & countries to make money, especially in the crypto industry, as you can move the crypto assets from one exchange platform to another. Movability between exchange platforms gives cryptocurrency a unique edge over the stock market or any commodity market arbitrage.

Some traders go deeper In leveraging crypto arbitrage opportunities by using super-fast AI trading bots. Unfortunately, trading bots are not recommended for Novice users who have just started with the market.


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