Apple to accept crypto? This could be huge!

Published 01 Jun 2021 by Radhika Aggarwal

Yes! The 2 Trillion $ company Apple Inc is playing around with crypto.

After Tesla, an electric car company denied accepting bitcoin as a medium of exchange due to environmental issues; Apple came forward to support cryptocurrency. It started when Apple posted a job opening for a ‘Business Development Manager- Alternative Payment.’ The person who will be applying for this job should be proficient in cryptocurrency. They also mentioned that a successful candidate could also join Apple Pay and the iPhone Wallet app development team. The ad on the Apple Website says, “We are looking for a candidate who is comfortable with ambiguity, enjoys thinking about edge cases, and asking ‘what is an alternative way of doing this.”

Elon Musk has happily become the Dogefather and takes DOGE-1(DogeCoin funded satellite) to the literal moon. After Elon musk, apple is the healthiest entry for the HODL’rs; Apple endorsing crypto can create enormous hype & may drive the cryptocurrency market cap skyrocketing, and we may see rallies like never before.

Before getting excited & start buying dogecoin, bitcoin, and other coins listed on like crazy, we want you to calm your nerves down and understand that Apple has only begun hiring people, and maybe it takes a few months unless they find the right fit. Apple is a highly sophisticated company that experiments on hundreds of new technologies! But experimenting with cryptocurrencies is a very bold step by Apple Inc.

Apple’s rising interest can turn a lot of eyeballs to the crypto Industry.

Apple experimenting with crypto can lead to amazing things like Bitcoin, dogecoin, or other major market cap coins becoming a mode to pay in apple pay. It will be interesting to see how this will unfold. At cxihub, our users will always pay the lowest withdrawal fees so they can buy/sell crypto at cxihub & send cryptocurrencies to futuristic services like apple pay.

The Job listing says, ``Lead the partnership program with critical players in the Alternative Payments ecosystem, covering the complete process of partner identification, business case development and socialization, partnership negotiation, contract signing, and execution, go to market launch, and continued partnership value growth”.

Apple has its digital wallet app built in the iPhone. It began in 2012, but at that time, it can only accept digital boarding passes. As the years pass by, it has grown to include several financial services, such as contactless Apple Pay, peer-to-peer payments, the Goldman Sachs-powered Apple Card, and loyalty rewards programs. Qualifications required for the job include five or more years experience working in or with alternative payment providers, such as digital wallets, BNPL, Fast Payments, cryptocurrency, etc.”

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